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Belly Flats

Who doesn't love a pair of flats? When the heels get too much and the arches need a rest. These Flats will be sure to make heads turn. What are you waiting for?

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Belly Flats(33 Products)


There comes a time when heels get too much and your feet need some love! That’s the time when you start to wonder, what you should step into that would be comfortable but would also make you look good? This is where bellies come in - they maintain a fine balance between good looks and comfort.

If we look at the history of women’s bellies, we would see that they were initially worn only by ballet dancers. But because of their comfort and versatility, women’s belly started to be worn all over the world by young and old alike and have been ruling the fashion world ever since!

Truffle understands your love for bellies; therefore, we have brought in a collection of women’s bellies that would go beautifully with your outfits. Whether it’s formals, informals, party wear or anything else - you will get enough choice to pick your favorites! So, come, take a look at the collection, admire and don’t forget to treat yourself with a pair or two (our prices don’t pinch).


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So, wherever you go now - make sure all eyes are on you. You can take your look to the next level with our tempting collection. What are you wondering now? Hop on! Take a look!