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Party heels

Heels that will boss any event and give you oodles of confidents! Well look no further ladies. We're here to open your eyes to some seriously stunning party shoes!

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If there’s anything that a woman likes more than chocolates - it’s HEELS. Yes, for women – they represent style, elegance and all good there is in the world. You take the most gorgeous of dress in the world but it is just incomplete without the right pair of heels. We don’t need to tell you what a great pair of sandal heels can do to your outfit. But did you know that the heels we love so much now were initially made for men and not for women? That’s right, in the 10th century; men who rode horses wore them and since horses were owned by the wealthy, they came to be associated with wealth and high social stature. It was during the European renaissance, that heels were worn by both men and women both but still a symbol of a higher status. It is since this footwear became more of a fashion statement - now they are worn by all women - young and old. Be it stilettos, blocks, sandals or party heels - they are worn and loved by all women.


Heels are something that can go well with almost everything and enhance your look. You need them for several occasions - they go well with your party wear, for your special date night, for the office meeting or for an outing with friends.

We understand your love for shoes so we get you an endless range for women: stilettos, sandals, lace up heels, block heels, party wear heels and what not! So, next time when you’re going out for a party and need party wear sandals or when you have an official meeting and need heels sandal, you know just where to come!

Apart from all the heels, check out our collection of wedges, sneakers, flats, sandals, bellies, boots, and heels for women on Truffle Collection and make sure all heads turn to you when you go out!