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Reach for the sky in our high wedges or go crazy for the cross over! Take your pick. You really can't go wrong with the classic wedge. These styles will have you longing to for a beach, bar or weekend! So lets not play around have a little looksie at the hot wedges!

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It was after the Second World War that wedges started becoming popular. It was because of lack of leather and rubber during the time. Leather and rubber were used for war effort. Also, interestingly the fashion of that time called for height. So, the wedge sandals became the trend. Slowly, they started getting transformed with newer colors, designs and patterns. It is since then that women’s wedge sandals have been there in the fashion world.

Although, today women are spoilt for choice when it comes to footwear, wedges are liked by all women. They have the advantage of heels but are much more comfortable! What they do is give you the elevation of the heels but you’re still at ease and can wear them all day - without getting tired as they’re super comfortable.


Show off your women’s wedge sandals - Wear them with formals, informals, semi formals, to your work, parties, meeting and everywhere possible.

We have got the best collection of women’s wedge sandals you can find. Ditch your old shoes; it’s time to make for some new wedge sandals that are sure to give you a look to set you apart from the crowd. So, get hooked as we bring to you the latest from the fashion world.

To satisfy your hunger for more, we have got a collection that would probably make you breathe a little heavily. We have got sandals, heels, flats, sneakers, bellies, boots, wedges and much more. We know you’re drooling already. All you need to do now is just pick your favorites and get shopping!